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  1. ahhh The Wedding dress thread below really has me reminiscing of our wedding days :heart: .

    There were no digital cameras around 12 years ago when I got married (I know I am a dinosaur ;) ), so can you believe I have had to take a picture with my digital camera of some pictures in my photo album :lol: lol. So excuse the quality of mine, but I would love to see piccies of all you lovely girls in our dresses please :yes:

    Arriving at church.

    Just married
  2. What a beautiful woman you are!!! Please have children...they will be adorable.
  3. Ahh bless you Sunshine I have two girls honey, and they are gorgeous to me!!!!
  4. Thats great news....I bet they are gorgeous.
  5. Chloe darl, you are stunning!!!! Truely! & I love that you just have this massive grin on your face!

    I'll have to scan one of my pics & you can all have a good laugh at me :biggrin:
  6. Wow! Chloe-babe you are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so beautiful in your gown!!
  7. What a beautiful couple you and your husband are!
    You were a stunning bride :smile:
  8. chloe babe, you were a wonderful bride....i'm sure your children are two beauties, as their parents!!congratulations!:heart:
  9. hey, chloe, don't take this the wrong way but I just realised who your hubby reminds me of...........

    Ricky from Eastenders :biggrin:
  10. Here's mine
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    in color
    Before the ceremony (I wore a fur wrap. It was January in New York and FREEEEZING cold)

    And after
  11. OMGosh, you two are stunning!
    What is it about a Bride? They just are so beautiful!

    I think I only have one on here, I'll have to scan some later.
  12. I got married in April of 2005



    The dress was by Paloma Blanca. Below is a close-up of the embroidery on the front, which was half the reason I picked it.
  13. you ladies are all so beautiful!!
  14. You're all so beauuuuutiful!!!
  15. Yay, beautiful brides! Thanks for sharing your pix!
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