members from nyc, what did u see in H store?

  1. I am 'forced' to go back home to ny this weekend. try to decide if I should visit the city during my trip since I have a tight schedule. Anyone been to the H store in the city or long island. Any great finds there? :graucho:
  2. You should definitely go. The last few times I was there there was an orange birkin, gold and red kellys, and two pink kellys, and also a brown kelly. Lot of kellys most of the time.
  3. In the past couple of weeks, I saw a turquoise Kelly in smooth leather, perhaps Swift, a fuchsia chevre Kelly, and in the window, a beautiful dark brown chevre Kelly (I think the color is ebene, but I could be wrong). A lot of chevre, it seems. I agree, lots of Kellys. Also diamond croc Birkin in black, not sure if it's the same one I saw from months ago.
  4. They've had a lot of Birkins on the shelf when I've been going in. Mostly green, orange, and red.
  5. If its a great find... its probably gone!
  6. The only Birkin I saw in Long Island yesterday was in blue jean but it was a 50 cm. It was HUGE! They did have a large selection of bangles. I fell in love with the one with the penguins on it. Has anyone seen it? It's really pretty. They also had garden parties and a couple of Evelyn's.

  7. :nuts: when was that, recent? Geez...I might just have to go home early:p
  8. I was at the store on Madison last week and the only birkin I saw was the diamond one. There were maybe 2 kellys. I was pretty disappointed.
  9. I went to the H in Manhasset and saw quite a lot GPT (Various sizes), Mauve lizard JPG clutch (like moviegirl's) Turquoise Chevre 31 Bolide...Picotin....Jige Elan.....Diamond H Hour (i think it's a men size, it's huge !) watch with croc strap, lots of CDC bracelet (croc, leather, suede)...not much scarves...the BJ travel birkin is still there.
  10. At Madison Ave, I saw some travel Birkins (HUGE!), a 25cm green Birkin and the diamond/croc Birkin.
    They didn't have the belt I wanted... :p
  11. HG...what types of leather in the orange these days?
  12. Swift mostly. Some mysore.
  13. that BJ travel birkin has been sitting on the shelf in Manhasset for like three months now!
  14. who will bring travel birkin on the plane though, well only those has private jet:p