Members and locations?

  1. Hi, I wonder why many of the members not write there locations:confused1:

    here is so many tpf members from so many different countries :yahoo:why ????????

    (sorry my English)
  2. Some just want to add a humorous statement instead of their location and others prefer to stay anonymous. I'm not exactly proud of where I'm located at the moment but put in my location because I'd like to make friends with members from around my area! There aren't many into fashion down here so I was curious. I think its wonderful we have so many people from around the world:yahoo:
  3. This doesnt belong in GUCCI..Ill move it to G.D.?? for u
  4. I didn't post my location for a long time for I guess privacy but also since I was in a few places. I am amazed at how many international bag addicts tPF has attracted! I love the diversity!
  5. I used to have my location, but now Im participating in RAOK, so I need to remain as anonymous as possible. But-I usually have my MySpace linked here and everything, Im not very shy lol.
  6. I know where you're from! ;)

    I'm a guy, so I don't really need to worry about that stuff. I mean, I guess a few of you could accost me and beat me with your purses and shoes. But I'm not sure why that would happen.
  7. Can I ask what RAOK is? sorry if it's obvious lol..
  8. That's ok, it's stands for Random Act Of Kindess (if I'm not mistaken). I'm not too sure exactly how it works but basically it's a thread on here where members send each other cute little gifts to cheer each other up. I'm sure if you search it you'll find out more.
  9. The first rule of RAOK is you don't talk about RAOK...oh wait. ;)
  10. ...and you might enjoy it....

  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. I find the thought that people I don't know IRL might know where I live to be creepy.
  13. I can understand why some people may not want to put the town or city but just the country they are in would be nice sometimes. :smile:
  14. That's funny.. I was born in Texas and I am still proud of it :woohoo: In Los Angeles now but I will always be a Texan
  15. I usually put the location of my 'mind' ;) I think it's just kinda fun.