Members: 246,289

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  1. I was curious so I just took a quick look at the number for the members here at tPF.

    "Members: 246,289" OMG! :nuts:

    Wasn't it just a couple of months ago we were all excitedly watching the member number roll to 200K !?! I remember being so excited for Megs and Vlad that I was like an Olympic sport spectator: I felt breathless with anticipation. I was glad they turned off the "join" function for a few hours at night so we could all get some sleep.

    Now we are close to one quarter million! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    SUPER CONGRATS to Vlad and Megs!

    You have created a wonderful world for soon-to-be a quarter-million very nice people.

    Thank you hugely and GOOD ON YOU!
    :heart: :dothewave: :heart:
  2. I agree-job well done!:flowers:
  3. That's cool!
  4. I wonder how many are active members
  5. Awesome! Let's keep on keepin' on! :choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:
  6. me too
  7. Me three. I run a few communities that have seen several thousand members come and go, and although the numbers look good, unfortunately they're mostly not active members.
  8. This is cool!!!
  9. :tpfrox:
  10. :dothewave: We are awesome
  11. I love the purse forum!