MELTONIAN...what have you used it on?

  1. Another thread mentions using MELTONIAN on leather scratches. Could you please post your experience with this (ie colors and skins it worked for or not worked for)?

    I'm especially interested in knowing whether anyone has used it (or other products) on chevre. I have a scratch on my chevre mysore that bothers me (but not enough to take in for repair :p).

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. I've used it on Togo, Clemence and Barenia...I Don't see why you couldn't use it on chevre. Start small...and see if any color comes of...if it does...stop...
  3. I've used it on togo, clemence, box, and croc (just a little). No problem. I wouldn't use it on ostrich, barenia, and vache natural.
  4. Exactly! Also, chamonix, courchevel, and swift. Bascially anything, but suede or patent leather. I also like Cadillac lotion.
  5. HG, I have used it on barenia and it was just fine and gave the leather some moisture.
  6. Good to know. I've been too scared to try on the untreated leathers.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll have to find some....I'll give you an update on what it does to chevre mysore (for future reference HG! :p).
  8. What about black Vache Liegee? Does it take out a rub/scratch?
  9. I've used it on box and cerf.
    On box it was GREAT. Just great. On cerf - even though I applied it sparingly - it did come up with some white residue (that nobody but me could see of course) - I guess it has to do with the impolishability (how's that for syntax and grammar ;)) of cerf leather.
  10. I'm too scared to even try!!
  11. In one of my visits to the NYC boutique for spa treatments, I asked Claude what he uses to clean/condition bags - he was the one who suggested Meltonian shoe polish.

    I am confident using it on box, swift, togo, chamonix and clemance. Have never used it on chevre (might lose the shininess) croc or ostrich.

    I would probably not risk using it on croc or ostrich. It does sometimes leave a whitish residue on the grained leather "ridges" so you have to polish/wipe very well.

    Hope this helps!
  12. does anyone know the exact name for the meltonian product i can buy to clean/condition my box kelly???
  13. Meltonian neutral shoe polish:

    And this website is about half the price I pay in the store.
  14. claude said to use it on my ostrich and i problem
  15. thank you Hermesgroupie and Hermesaholic!