MELTONIAN leather care in Montreal?

  1. hi,

    i'm wondering if anyone knows where i can find Meltonian Leather care in Montreal, Canada? i've been doing a google search and i could order it from US, but the shipping would cost a lot more than the products themselves.

    thank you in advance:heart:
  2. Get it on eBay!! I just did.:tup:
  3. Good point - I was going to ask where in Toronto it might be available (if it is)...
  4. me too.... i bought almost all colors:smile: it is only 2.99
  5. and if you do buy the take away scuffs ... that really does do wonders.
  6. Try "A guy in a leather shop" on the corner of Davenport and Oakwood (next traffic light west of Christie).
  7. I have discovered that the "dal" (derek alexander) leather care (available at Bag's and All) is the exact same product as Apple Leather Care that I used to purchase online from the US and pay a fortune for in shipping. (I noticed that is smelled the same and lo and behold, upon reading the label, noticed that it is indeed manufactured by "Apple Polishes") Same great stuff!
  8. thanks for the great tip!
  9. I believe you can buy Creme Saphir in Canada, which is what Hermes recommends in France.
    Creme Saphir is wonderful and is not available in the USA to my knowledge.
  10. golconda, do you know which retailers carry Creme Saphir here? (I am in Toronto....) Thanks!
  11. Sorry I do not. A Canadian friend once gave me a bottle of the Creme Saphir Universelle that she bought in Canada. I love it. It is probably much like the Meltonian neutral lotion.
    I would call shoe repair shops and ask if they have it. It is made in France.

    I have used this product on matte croc with great results. Made the rubbed corners look like new.
  12. I found Meltonian at Brentwood Shoe Cleaners in Toronto for $4.50.
  13. I take it you have tried the shoemaker? Call around to them. Similar product is Cadillac lotion and Saphir. They are all almost identical.
  14. Sorry I cannot help you find meltonian in Canada as I am in the US but I have a question for you ladies who use this or similar products. I have used it on my shoes and non H bags and I saw Claude using it on bags in the Madison Ave store. When I asked him if I should do the same on my togo birkin, he told me not to do it myself b.c it gets caught in the grain if you do not do it "correctly"
    What is correctly? do you ladies use it on your H bags? are any of them togo or a leather with a similar grain? Thanks!
  15. I think he is scaring you. I use it all the time. Put polish on a soft rag and wipe on the bag. Then use a new soft rag and rub/polish. As long as you use a lotion, this will not happen. What he is describing is what could happen if you used a more wax like preparation.