Meltonian cream? advice needed

  1. I have seen over and over that people are using this product to clean or moisturize the leather on their bags and I have a couple of questions

    1. Do you use a colored cream or is there just like a regular non color cream that you can use on all your bags? (could I get one cream to use on red, orange and brown)?

    2. Is this stuff just for regular leather (fjord, clemence, swift) or can you use it on ostrich?

    3. Does the cream keep the bag from cracking?

    4. How often do you do this?

    5. Is there a step by step process someone could give me about applying this product?

    6. Is this the best product out there or is there something else that others use?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm not familiar with this product.
    I use Bick 4. It was recommended by
    It does not darken leather or skins.
    Bought it at a western wear/saddle store. The email address on the bottle is 1 800 356-8804
    I love what this has done for my bags. Makes them look supple & young.
    Use it once a year.
  3. Claude at Madison Avenue uses it all the time in the "neutral" color to clean/restore bags/small leather goods. It won't bring color back, but adds moisture and sheen.
  4. When I got my swift Birkin, I asked if any conditioning needed to be done and she said (very strongly) no - that it had been conditioned and if it needed more (i.e., restoration or repair) that I should return it for a spa treatment...
  5. I recently bought the meltonian neutral polish but I also bought the meltonian cleaner/conditioner as well. Has anyone used that too?
  6. Use Bick 4. It's the best for both leather and skins. Then you can use Meltonian polish over that; once it's properly dried.
  7. Ok I am more confused. I just looked Bick 4 and they have many products. Are you guys using the leather cleaner or leather conditioner?

    ***** nevermind . . . I see that bick 4 is the conditioner and bick 1 is the cleaner.
  8. Let me know how it goes C! I need to do this to my bags too but am too afraid to bite the bullet, just yet!
  9. My SA strongly advises me not to use anything on my bags. So I won't. So far, they're new and in great condition. But I plan to send them to the spa perhaps once a year or once every 2 years.

    You might want to reconsider.
  10. When you get a brand new bag right from the boutique, there's no need to use any product at all for a year or two. This is true. An annual spa visit really isn't required for a few years.

    On brand new right-from-the-store bags, the only thing I do is use MELTONIAN SHOE Polish to help snazz up the corners of my Black Box bags to get rid of those normal scuffs and rubs.

    If you purchase a bag thats a little older....a pre-loved really should give it a loving wipe of MELTONIAN NEUTRAL Cream. It will clean the leather and give it some nourishment. Who knows when it was last cleaned and polished? Unless you're going to take that baby directly to the spa, you really need to give it a little drink to keep that leather nice and supple.

    I've used Meltonian Neutral Cream on every bag I own except my Croc and Ostrich...and I bring all my bags to the spa either every year or every other year. And in the meantime, I condition them by myself once a year with Meltonian without a problem.
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  11. I use Meltonian with some regularity on my box Birkin which is quite old. I find that especially in winter, with transitions from ice cold to quite warm (going out of the house and coming back in) the bag is quite grateful for the occasional melti-drink.
    I also buff the bag a la shopmom but I put a rag over the brush.
  12. fellow tpf member recommended this meltonian cream. i haven't used it yet b/c i'm afraid of ruining my bag. i think i'd rather live with little dings and then leave it up to the professionals at hermes.

    Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish - Neutral #1 (SKU 5-979)
  13. Is there a website that will sell Meltonian online?