melting makeup

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  1. I have really greasy skin all the time, but it turns into an utter grease pit in the summer and all my makeup feels like it just melts off my skin. It's not like I wear a lot of makeup - I fill in my brows, clear mascara, brown eyeshadow.

    Anyone know anything that may help?
  2. Firstly, to help regulate sebum production, I swear by SK-II Facial Clear Solution. I've used this for a few weeks, and it really does help with the sebum regulation.

    Then, I usually apply Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion on my nose and cheeks to help control the oil.

    Always apply a primer before applying your make-up. Try Laura Mercier Primer.

    Hope this helps!
  3. How much and where can I get?
  4. Erm, I don't know how it'll work out in your currency.

    SK-II = S$ 96 from duty free in Singapore
    Dermalogica = £20 (approx.)
    Laura Mercier = £29 (approx)

    Sorry, can't be much help on this one.
  5. i'd love to know too, my makeup on my nose and forehead melts off after a few hours :sad:
  6. Get stay-put makeup! L'Oreal foundation (the one with the red cap) works well, and so does Revlon foundation with "Soft-flex". Also use a good powder to set it and make it last longer. I use 16-hour Revlon eyeliner and Lancome waterproof Effacernes undereye concealer.
  7. Um why don't you try using oil blotting sheets before applying makeup?
  8. I go through oil-blotting sheets like crazy.

    My face isn't greasy when I put my makeup on. It's greasy by the middle of the day when I start sweating and being greasy.
  9. Is there a stay-put eyeshadow? I use it to fill in my brows - even if I have no other makeup on, I ALWAYS fill them in...I don't feel complete unless I do. I started using shadow for that because it's less melty than pencil brown liner.
  10. Oil blotting sheets are awesome for the summer! :smile:
  11. I love MAC's blot powder compact for this. I can just stick on some and it'll all go away :smile:
  12. I have heard of people spraying their face with hair spray to help their make up stay! :nuts:
  13. ^^omg.
  14. The hairspray thing is true. My make up artist does that when he's out of make up fix spray.
  15. I've had good luck with Mac blot powder too.