Melting Glazing on Metis Hobo

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  1. Hi all...just wanted to see if anyone has had issues with the glazing melting on multiple locations on their Metis hobo. I've had mine since 2013, but not used very often. Whenever I don't use it, I store it in my closet in its dustbag. I brought it out today to use and saw these... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462396990.972043.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462397003.275943.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462397015.129348.jpg

    I'm so bummed and worried that LV will make me pay for the repairs. :sad:
  2. Yikes that is bad....I can't imagine what would have caused that...I need to check my Metis now....I don't what could have happened to it in storage??
  3. Take it back to Louis Vuitton (obviously), I am sure they will take good care of you. They will likely exchange it or provide you with a free reglazing.

  4. No idea what could have happened. My other bags are fine.

  5. Yes, I've contacted my SA to show her pics. Do you think if they reglaze it...that this could happen again? That's my worry. :sad:
  6. I hope they can just replace it for you but if they say they will fix they should not charge you for the repairs...
  7. Glazing does rub off over time so, with a bag used often, will need to be re-glazed once in a while. The Pochette Métis has a lot of glazing on it.
  8. I would take it in soon and show this to a manager. They should either replace the bag or give you store credit. I recently asked my SA why this bag was discontinued esp. with the popularity of the PM. I was told the hobo had a lot of glazing issues so these are known defects. This is unacceptable wear and tear. Please keep us updated and hope it gets resolved quickly.
  9. OP,
    It hasn't happened yet on my Metis hobo but it has happened on my pochette Metis, currently in repairs.
    I use to store my pochette Metis in the dust bag but left my Metis hobo out. I wouldn't keep it in the dust bag. I think the temperature inside the dust bag is aiding in the melting of the glazing
  10. +1. Definitely do this. They will make it right.

  11. Thanks! I was hoping someone could tell me that this was a known issue. I will bring it in tomorrow and see what they say.

  12. I'm going to leave them out of their dust bags from now on. The first thing I did after I saw this was check on my empreinte Montaigne. But that one is ok. Sorry to hear about your pochette Metis.
  13. Gosh that's such an awful feeling to find and issue when u take it out of storage. LV should make this right as its obvious this isn't wear and tear. Good luck.
  14. That doesn't look normal. Let see what LV can do for you. :smile:
  15. Bags stored in a closet with no air circulating around them could eventually get problems. Especially if the weather is hot and no air conditioning in the closet.

    Since this bag is known for glazing issues I would hope they correct it for you. I would fight if they do not. Good luck.