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  1. just when i say it looks good, i've got someone who told me this afternoon that it looks real dirty and does not look good on a chanel the fact that the color contour does not do justice to a good looking design and brand bag...:shrugs:

    seems like some like it and some realllly donttt...
  2. I think opinions are based on individual's taste. Some may take a liking to a certain ligne at first sight but some wouldnt even take a second look at a certain bag. What matters is that YOU must like it and YOU know that you will carry/ use it. I think thats what matters most.

    I think the melrose cabas is a good looking bag :smile:
  3. ^agreed! At the end of the day, your spending YOUR money so make sure you love it and not because it has the approval of others
  4. I like the Melrose, it's different.
  5. I like the melrose!
  6. I don't have it, but think it's very pretty. The best part is that it's durable too!
    If you love it, buy it and show it off. It's all about wearing the bag you love.
    Some don't like the PB tote, but I love it and get tons of compliments when I wear it too.
  7. i think is a pretty ligne! i think it doesnt look cheapy or anything i think it looks very nice and casual most of all, a different look of chanel is just like fresher and trendy in a way and ive seen all pple pimping it out, never look bad at all, like some pple dont like flaps at all and prefer other bags!
  8. i like my melrose but some friends they dont like it. i guess that depends who is looking and appreciating it. never mind those who dont like it....
  9. maybe its rather rare...and because its a little different from the usual boring ones, people accept it after more looks at fact, this someone after looking at the bag in real, was saying how much she loves it now...and she couldnt believe how photos don't do justice to the real thing...wowwww...

  10. US$1795 excluding shipping...still quite affordable:girlsigh::party: