MELROSE satin vs COCO CABAS satin

  1. ladies...
    i've been a coco cabas fan for a long time...but i am not lucky enough to get one...
    i know there will be a satin COCO CABAS for cruise 08 from i might still have a little chance to get one...(i am living in hk, but i am not a to get it...are nice bags are reserve for vip here...sigh....)
    and this morning my friend from thailand call me that her SA have two merose satin (one black one navy) she want to know if i am interested in it...(she is coming to hk for christmas, so she can buy it for me)
    i am still thinking about it...
    what do u ladies think??? should i wait or just get this melrose satin???

    i attact this 2 bags pics ffor comparing (which are from tPF)
    MELROSE%20satin.JPG coco cabas satin.jpg
  2. i think Cabas shape is better but the CC charm attached with the melrose cabas is sooo cute :smile:
  3. i vote for the coco cabas satin :yes: that is the picture for the cabas i found for a PFer
  4. I say MELROSE!
  5. anyother vote??? still cant decide...

  6. thanks for that coco cabas satin pic!!!
  7. My vote for Melrose satin !!:tup:
    I love Coco cabas in leather !!hehee:heart::graucho:

  8. i know... coco cabas in leather is my first choice...but i never be lucky enough to get one...:sad:
  9. Ive seen the coco cabas in real life in Satin and it looks amazing! Personally I would wait.

  10. i could see how great the coco cabas in satin is even just through the pic...
    do u know the price for the coco cabas satin???
  11. coco cabas!!!

  12. Sorry I don't as I was at one of the Chanel boutique at Heathrow at the time and another customer was carrying it, I told her I just got the Denim Cabas myself but her satin was very glamourous!

    She said it was a runway piece.
  13. i don't remember the retails price, but i think it's close to the denim one??
    i've seen both in black and purple and both are TDF!!!
    the satin happens to be quite thick so it weight down, and the feeling of teh satin touching the skin is soooo sexy :p
  14. I really love the look of the cabas but all that satin I would definetly ruin that bag...its such a large satin bag it would get all pulls in it, no?