Melrose Place

  1. OK I am admitting it here I LOVED Melrose Place when it was first on one of the local bars here had a Monday MP party that I never missed until I moved away and then a year or 2 ago the Style network ran it in the mornings while I had back surgery #1 and now I discovered last weekend Soapnet is showing it every day-twice on Saturdays but Sat is out of sequence.....:love: I LOVE MP:love: anyone else? M-F is the end of the first or beginning of the second season, Amanda is with Jake, Allison isnt a drunk yet, Michael and Kimberly just got into the car accident and Sydney is about to become a prostitute! My DVR is set to "record all episodes" am I the only MP nut here?
  2. "Mondays are a *****" - I just watched the E!True Hollywood Story on Melrose Place and i remember that i used to love that show too!

    All the twisted storylines and so many characters in the show, i can't really remember and keep it all straight, but Dr. Michael Mancini and crazy Kimberly were my fav characters. I also had a big crush on Patrick Muldoon (he played Richard who was involved with Jane, then she & Syd tried to kill and bury him alive, and he came back, blah blah blah) and even lined up for hours at an autograph signing when he came to my city.

    Wow, now i want to watch the show all over again.
  3. its on Soapnet-I'm surprised it isn't out on DVD. My favs were always Michael and Peter-Jack Wagner is HOT
  4. OMG! I LOVED Melrose Place!!! :yahoo:

    Back then, all the bars had MP viewing parties...and Tuesday mornings were for MP debrief sessions at work! LOL!!

    Even when the story lines got completely ridiculous, the show was still so fun to watch!!
  5. I love Melrose Place. I use to watch it religiously!

    I believe it is coming out the same time as 90210.
  6. I saw that as well and it brought back very fond memories!!!:yahoo:
  7. I Love Melrose.....I Couldn't Get Into The First Season (Until Later)...

    I Do Love Every Season.....Especially When It Started To Get Crazy.....The Best Episode Still Has To Be When Kimberly Blew Up The Building!

    I Love Jack Wagner, Too!!!!!