Melrose Made Me Nervous/Cruise Review

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  1. Friday, I got the call from Chanel in Short Hills that the Melrose (big drawstring) bag had arrived along with flap version as well. I figured that I would pass on it and wait for NM to get it so I can get it from my friend (and usual SA). But no! I went in to check it out because of the 3 they recieved in the vinyl, one was on reserve for me. I had no control. As I walked in I was distracted by the cuteness of the melrose flap. OMG. Its adorable, I didn't expect it to be just so cute. If I was a flap person, I would have snagged it.
    When the SA brought me out my Melrose bag, I lost it. Its way too cute, much better in person, and for that price-how do you go wrong. I tried to be strong, and said let me walk around and think about it. But after two trips back and forth, I just bought it. I feel terrible because I didn't wait to get it at NM, but I called my friend and she said it was all good. I am still getting my pink clutch from her and only NM and Saks are getting the pink version.
    The nerve wrecking point of this whole thing-When I walked in, a different SA had MY bag out and was showing another girl and said that it was the last one and the waitlist was long. Than when my SA showed me the bag for me to decide-he made the point of letting me know how many people were waiting for it. (This SA who I deal with knows me forever so he wasn't pushing it on me, he knows how many SA friends I have so if I passed I could still get it.) He said he would hold it as long as he could before he went to the reserve list. I totally had a coco cabas moment. With the price point, size of bag and cuteness, I think this bag is going to be big. Its beyond cute. I am a lover. As I was playing with it in the store, other customers kept asking for it, and there I was holding the last one. EEK. So I took it home.
    It's a great jean bag for everyday. Its the same length as the baby cabas with a longer chain. I think it may be more square than the baby cabas, more like the original style-fuller. The charm is cute, one side is all white, the other side is black with chanel written across it a few times. Such a fan!!! Over all I am happy with it. I was tempted to even snag the clutch in red-but I love pink.....AAAHHH

    Oh yes, I also scoped out the Metallic Symbols. One word CHEAP. :tdown:
    The new modern chain line looks small and cheap as well. :tdown:
    New Satin Clutch :tup:
    The walk of fame bags are too cute. :tup:
    Hollywood bags were fabulous.:tup:
    Ice Cube were cute too. :tup:
  2. pics!?
  3. pics are coming, i just need to sit down and unpack the bag.
  4. :popcorn:

  5. Pics plsssss. Thanks!
  6. I almost went to that store today!LOL!
    ugh...wish I had ,but Ive been sick all week and wasnt quite 100% yet!
  7. oooooh, pics please.... still recovering from my tPF withdrawal...
  8. ^^ Those two sentences said so much.

    Can't wait to see your bag! :yes:
  9. Does the Melrose only come in vinyl and satin?
  10. ok now that we are up and running I will get my pix on. Hehe, I thought it would be forever!!
  11. Hello, memyselfI, would you mind to tell me how you think about the Hollywood bags?
    My SA has helped me to put down my name for the Hollywood gold flap & silver hobo (both in large size), and I am now no. 2 on the waiting list. Thus, I am sure that one of the bags coming in my local NM will be reserved for me :P. However, until I see these Hollywood bags IRL, I have been wondering if I would really love these bags (because I am worried that they are too bling bling for my taste)...:confused1:
    Please let me know what you think about these Hollywood bags. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. TIA :smile:
  12. I'm dying to see the pictures too!
  13. can't wait to see the pics too!
  14. I liked the Hollywood bags. They were stunning in person. I esp loved the hobo. It was comfy too! Both are great looking bags.
  15. i am actually almost crying in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!