Melrose Charm CRACKED

  1. I was in NM today picking up a new LV (I picked up the Salina MM from the Rubis Cruise line). I put my melrose bag on the chair to get out my wallet so that I can fork over my NM cc and I heard a snap than a thud. (not sure if thats the right word) My Melrose Charm cracked!!!! My friends in Chanel in NM tried to fix it or see what could be done-they told me to go ask for a new bag (I got it in the horrible Short Hills Chanel)> I marched myself upstairs and into the store and handed the pieces to the SA. He looked confused and asked me what I would like him to do. (same guy who kept repeating CORAL CORAL I CAN GET YOU CORAL). Finally a random SA took the lead and tells me first to bring my bag back and they will send it out. Than another SA took down my info and said they will simply send for a replacement so I won't be inconvenienced. I have one question, who is supposed to be repair it if they get me a part? I am pretty crafty with tools-but am I supposed to repair it or get the part and they repair it?
    To top it all off-my friend who is the SA in NM who usually resolves all my issues just went away for 10 days!!! Does anyone have any idea what I should do in the meantime? I was thinking of putting it back together while I wait for the new piece. Or should I call chanel 800 and see what they say? I don't trust Short Hills. :nuts:
  2. holy cow, so much for what we pay - the quality... omg!
  3. :wtf: oh noooo

    i have never heard of them sending a replacement part... i wouldnt want to repair it myself.. i'd rather have them do it ... but if you are pretty crafty you may be better off than the help they have there... i'd call & ask....
  4. How long have you had it, it is pretty new geez, exchange it for a new one!!!!!
  5. Id want a new one.......Insist on it.If they give u crap,Ask to speak to the handbag manager!
  6. I'm sure you are crafty with tools and could probably do a better job too! But it's about the money you paid and length of time you've had the bag. Definitely ask for a new one, stat!
  7. Oh, I am sorry to hear that. They should definitely give you a new one:yes:
    What's up with Chanel's quality lately? I just got a flap and the turn lock is loose and noisy!!!!:cursing:
  8. that sucks!
    sorry to hear that - ugh!
  9. demand a new one! it'd be total crap if they don't give you a new one! call chanel customer service, too. they should be able to do something. good luck~
  10. This makes me think they are going to replace the entire bag. No?:shrugs:
  11. I called repairs at the 57th street store. She told me that they should have replaced the bag than and there, or give me a credit or something comparable if the bag is sold out. NOw I am going to call the 800# and fight. It may be one of my least expensive bags, but still 1700 is not something to just let go.
  12. They should give you a new one for exchange.
  13. I would call the 800# in case the store to doesn't follow through. I just don't trust corporate businesses with customer service anymore, you basically have to demand service these days.
  14. I'm pretty crafty too but I would not want to repair it myself... because Chanel HQ should know what the hell is going on! If we do it ourselves, how will they know about their poor quality control?

    Keep sending those bags back! :yes:
  15. I just returned the Walk of Fame bag this morning because some metal chipped off of the chain handle and I only had the bag for 1 day!!! Demand a refund or exchange--do not repair it yourself. If one SA says not, go to a manager, if they say no, then call Chanel right there in the store on your cell.