Melrose Cabas

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  1. Does anyone know if this bag is still available at Nordstrom? I called Topanga but one (unhelpful) SA basically told me that I wouldn't be able to find a cabas anywhere. Thanks!
  2. ugh i hate the SAs there
  3. Wasn't the Melrose Cabas just released recently??
  4. Yes, it's a cruise bag. Supposedly very limited.
  5. they have them in palm beach. call jillian. she just sent one to my sister in law. 561-655-1550 extension 216
  6. good luck~~ my SA in Canada told me, they were long gone.
  7. NM Michigan has the melrose cabas.
  8. Chanel Bellagio has one, if you still need it. 702.765.5505. Ask for Jason.
  9. are there two sizes to this bag? what's the price on the smaller? i know one of them is 1595. tia!
  10. as far as i know, one size @ 1595.
  11. thank you! :smile:
  12. Lyndsey of NM, Tempa Bay just received the black metallic melrose cabas @ 1.595. PM me if you want contact details, I con confirm that she is the best SA!!
  13. ^Wow, I'd love to see pictures of that. I've only seen the blue and black satin so far.
  14. Here is the pic of the black metalic Melrose Cabas from my SA at NM, Tempa Bay. :love:
    Black Metallic Melrose Cabas.JPG