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  1. her baby should be here by now!! i hope that it all went smoothly for her and i can't wait to see pics! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
  2. Yay!
  3. In the january mommies thread, today she posted that she's going in tomorrow at 5:30am for her scheduled very soon!!!
  4. i see we will wait until tomorrow at 12 pm and re-congratulate her....hehehe
  5. Its so funny, it seems like everyone around here is popping!! I seriously can't wait to be in the next 'batch'!:P
  6. i a lil over half way there, and i wish i was about to pop. my pelvis is killing me. it seems to only get worse and worse. :[[
  7. TRUST ME, i totally understand. My hips and back are killing me!!! Plus I can barely sleep cuz I get so uncomfy.
  8. SLEEP?!?! What is that? LOL...

    I haven't had any in the last month! So ready for this to be over so I can hold my LO!
  9. Oh i hear ya!! I went out looking for a body pillow today to help me sleep but couldn't find anything I wanted:sad:. I'm so over this...I just want to cuddle my baby already!
  10. ^^ yes please!! and i have so long to go... :sweatdrop:
  11. ok, now her baby should be here!!! YAY!! :yahoo:
  12. ^ LOL

    Congrats MelissaB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know how it all went.....:P
  13. Hey guys!!!! Thanks for the thread!!! LOL I just discovered I have internet! Things went very well! He is much smaller then we anticipated! only 7lbs 12oz and 19 inches long! my first was 8lbs 14 oz and 23 inches!! But I am so glad I didn't attempt to deliver naturally, my mom told me yesterday that the doc mentioned the cord was around his neck :sad: He's beautiful very healthy and I am so in love with him :smile: he actually sleeps!!! LOL
    here is a little sneak peak pic for you :smile: I am still in the hospital and my mom has all the pics on her camera.
  14. LOL my fiance is a little upset that the boys don't look as asian as he hoped they would!! :P
  15. ok, i stole some from my moms facebook..hehehehe
    daddy clipping the cord.jpg ben and kingston.jpg ben and kingston 2.jpg