Melissa Etheridge, Her Wife Tammy & Their New Born Twin Daughters

Jan 23, 2006
New York New York

Melissa Etheridge and her wife, Tammy, sat down for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with their little twins for the new issue of Us Weekly.
Of their decision to pimp out the babies, Tammy explains: "Since we don't want to be chased by any razzi, we decided to take photos on our own, and run them in a magazine. No chasing, no one sneaking up behind us, no strangers with giant light bulbs no dirty sneaking around to be rewarded with lots of cash...Taking the photos ourselves works for me."



Oct 12, 2006
I love that they put the twins in bright colors. People always dress babies in pastels, even though Science says that they are more likely to perceive bright colors more for the first few months, so these babies are able to admire their own and each other's ensemble!

(And I suspect that putting them in different bright colors will help the parents get through the "tell them apart" learning curve. ;)