Melissa Etheridge & Her Wife Have Twins !!!

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    Tammy Etheridge (formerly known as Michaels) gave birth to a boy and a girl on Tuesday!
    Melissa and her wife named the twins Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose.
    The happy couple released the following statement:
    "The creation of life brings about immeasurable love, and pours hope into the future... The joy will help carry us through our upcoming sleepless nights."
  2. holy crap, her wife is so hot!
  3. awkward .. :x
  4. I like Melissa and I'm happy for them but the names kind of suck, imho.
  5. ? How so?
  6. Aww she's wearing the Marc by marc Jacobs dress I wore to prom!

    Congrats to themm
  7. Congratulations to them! I wonder how long they've been together.....
  8. Melissa's partner is an actress who was on TV. She was on a sitcom about 5 years ago, and she was a scream. A total shrew. The sitcom was about two girls whose parents marry, so they become sisters. And hate each other. Tammy Micheals was one of the girls who 'ruled the school'. Sorry, but the name of the show absolutely escapes me...
  9. Congratulations to the new parents! I absolutely love Melissa Etheridge and her music.:whistle:
  10. Congrats to them. Doesn't Melissa have 2 other kids with her previous partner?

  11. The show was called Popular - I used to love watching it.
  12. Good for them, Melissa Etheridge seems like a great person and I'm sure she's a great mom.
  13. ITA!!!!!:yucky:
  14. Nice to see a happy family
  15. Ugh... those names bite monkey butt...
    But congratulations is in order!!