Melisa bootie

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  1. Hi All-
    Just got my melisa bootie on sale from saks. I normally wear a 36 in other brands and got the 36.5 in the bootie. Since they were 55% off, I decided to keep them. Do you think they will stretch out? Currently, I feel like the toes on my left foot is hitting the front of the shoes, but not the right foot.

    Also, I wore the bootie for 8 hours and feel like my feet is so sore. You think it us because the shoe is too small.

    Please advise. Thanks!!
  2. Is the Louboutin sale still going on?
    sorry im not much help
  3. They will stretch in width but not really in length. Give them a few more wears, my feet almost always hurt after the first few wear of new Louboutins, they aren't known for comfort. :smile:
  4. ^^ I agree the breaking in phase of all Louboutin shoes is a nightmare
  5. Thanks all! I do think the bootie might be too small in width and length, but considering they were on sale, I just had to keep them. Silly me of course. Just hoping now that they will stretch both ways. I guess the fact that they are suede makes it a little bit more stretchable I'm hoping.
  6. When you're not wearing them, stuff a rolled-up sock into the front of the shoe. That will definitely help stretch them.

  7. Thanks! I heard that I could bring them to saks to have them stretch it out for me? Other than those issues, it seem like they are pretty comfortable. :smile: