Melinda Doolittle...

  1. got a cute hair cut. I am so rooting for her!
    And whats with Sanjaya and the lil glove..I think he really is trying to imitate Michael Jackson :smile:
  2. Melinda is cute, and such a great singer. We are definitely rooting for her!
  3. Saw her for the first time on the Tony Bennett AI show. Fabulous.
  4. She is in a different league than the rest - nuff said!
  5. I love Melinda!
  6. I don't really like Melinda. I'm rooting for Jordin, love her!
  7. Couldn't agree more!! I so want her to win!
  8. my top three are melinda, jordin and blake!
  9. Melinda FTW!
  10. Melinda is wonderful! I really hope she wins!
  11. Melinda is a wonderful singer. Hopefully Sanjaya gets booted out because I would hate to see him winning.