Melina collection!

  1. My little LV collection!
    Lv1.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  2. FABULOUS collection, Melina!!! Thank you for sharing!:flowers:
  3. Nice collection :smile: thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow--you are quite the LV lover! Beautiful collection!
  5. Nice LV collection Melina. Congrats:smile:
  6. Thank you!:heart:
  7. Aww.. you have the mini noe, so cute !
  8. Beautiful collection ... love everything!
  9. Love your LV collection!!
  10. i love your graffitti pouchette and speedy!
    thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. Sweet! Another LV lover for the PF :lol: . Nice collection. :yes:
  12. Very nice collection!
  13. what a beautiful LV family...the petite noe is too cute!!!
  14. Lol - Melina, your little LV collection is 10 times my LV collection (a lonely wapity). Gorgeous Bags! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Very nice assortment of LVs Melina. Beautiful!