Melie Bianco Purse ID Help

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  1. It reminds me of the D&G satchels out now. But, it's really just the satchel bag style, not really anything else.
  2. I was wondering at the same thing...was it an inspired bag? or It's MB's own design? I kinda like it!
  3. Most of Melie Bianco's bags are designer inspired. I've seen "LV", "Costume National", "Jimmy Choo", "Coach", etc. So although I do not recognize the style you posted, it is most likely the same.
  4. ^^^ Wow, that's a pretty blatant knock-off! Too bad, I was about to buy the MB one on gomattagirls, but I can't just based on principle.
  5. I just saw it on Gomatta too and thought it was really cute. Now that I know it's a knockoff, it definitely loses appeal :tdown:
  6. :rolleyes: It's not like Melie Bianco copies every detail and tries to deceive buyers like the counterfeiters do. Most handbags have features that were knocked off from another bag, and even high end designers knock off from other high end designers...
  7. I think the big difference would also be that the Melie Bianco bags are NOT leather, so you can really tell the difference. I love how marketing makes a plastic bag into a lovely vegan-friendly bag. :smile: Geniuses!

    I adore the RM Market Tote, which is why the gomatta girls deal completely threw me for a loop.
  8. True, high-end designers derive inspiration from other designers, i.e. someone started the tassels craze, so everyone else started using tassels. But as for this MB and the RM: do a side-by-side. Aside from the fabric, the details are pretty much identical. I see only ONE difference (the RM has a couple extra squares above the flap). I really respect what Melie Bianco does with their vegan materials, but there's a way to do it via *inspiration* from other designers, rather than detail-by-detail blatant copying.