Meli melo bag: yay or nay ?

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  1. Hey ladies, i would love to have ur honest opinion about this meli melo bag. It looks great on olivia palermo and it's made out of calfskin in spain. And weighs around 1.4kg/49oz. But, what do u think ?

    1) do u think that the inverted arm straps look nice ?

    2)Is the bag too heavy and bulky?

    3)Is it worth paying $760 for this lesser known designer bag?


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  2. " It looks great on olivia Palermo..."

    Umm. I think a plastic bag from Home Depot would look good on Olivia Palermo. Well, yes, it's a good looking handbag, but it is bulky and pricey. Is it the kind of handbag you can use?

  3. I think it looks super. Was considering purchasing it but the reviews on shopbop were not so great
  4. Nay! I.4kilo is very very heavy!
  5. Ok, i get it. Thanks for ur replies !