Melanie's Pregnancy Journey!

  1. Sooo, I'm going to be a copycat here and post my pregnancy journey too ;) ParkAvenuePrincess also has hers posted and if you haven't had a chance to read it - I encourage you to!

    So...Let's start with a little bit about me ;)

    My name is Melanie and I live in Germany. I've got a wonderful boyfriend named Bart. We've been together for a bit over a year. We met in the time where I was still living in Maryland. He lived in Wuerzburg, but knew my cousin and some friends of mine. The two of us met, and things immediately clicked. We didn't really "get together" in the short time that I was on vacation - but it was nice :smile: At the time, Bart worked for a fairly large medical technology company here in Germany and did a lot of traveling around the world. He made a very good effort to visit for a day or two while he was in the states on business. Either he would try and get a layover on the way to his meetings, or on the way back from his meetings. My parents separated in April 2006, and I moved with my mom back to Germany (I was born here, and my mom is German).

    Bart and I broke up for a short period of time this summer, but decided to give things another go after seeing eachother at a Concert. I was on and off of the pill in the time we were together, since we were actually TTC (trying to conceive) for a while. In August I became a little bit sick, which apparently caused my BCP to become ineffective.

    We found out that we were pregnant on Sunday, October 8 that we were pregnant. I was 12 days late for my period, but too scared to take a pregnancy test. I posted an entry on tPF on what was going on and decided to take a pregnancy test. I took 2 pregnancy tests on that day, and both of their results were clear as a bell.

    On October 16, we had our first prenatal appointment where we had our first ultrasound. We were unable to get a printed out picture at that appointment, but I will try my hardest to get one at our next appointment :smile: We were able to see the Sac and the Baby, but Bart and I personally couldn't see the heartbeat - but our doctor ensured us that it was there and things were looking fantastic. :yahoo:

    Our next prenatal appointment will be at the 12 week mark. There we will have another ultrasound, and then the other routine checks. Pee in a cup, etc :smile:

    Overall, my pregnancy symptoms have been very mild. I have no morning sickness, but I did experience a bit of motion sickness on my train trips in the morning, my nose has become more senstive, and my nipples have been very sensitive. They feel like they're on fire sometimes! haha, sorry if that's TMI!

    Bart and I have become very excited about the pregnancy and are looking forward to the day where we can welcome our baby to the world :smile: Our EDD is June 3, 2007 - but I'm sure that will change about 34873078403 times before this whole pregnancy journey is over :smile:

    I'll plan to update this as often as possible. Maybe once or twice every week? Who knows!

  2. How wonderful for you. Being pregnant was a wonderful time in my life, I hope you enjoy every minute of it as well.
    Thanks for sharing.:smile:
  3. Thank you for sharing! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Keep us updated.
  4. aww congrats! thanks for sharing with us! will you and Bart plan to get married after the baby is born :love: or just wait it out for a while?
  5. and.. YOU ARE GOING TO BE A YOUNG MOTHER?!? thats awesome! I always commend those who become pregnant at a younger age, cuz its a huge commitment! Goodluck with everything, and we are all here to support you!
    ---My mother is the youngest out of all my friends, she had me at age 24, and all my friends mothers started at like 30ish.
  6. Congratulations on the wonderful baby news! This is a great idea to keep a journal, I look forward to reading your updates :smile:
  7. We have actually been discussing it and we are considering getting married at around Christmas or New Years time :yes: Neither of us are very religious (we are both Catholic), so we dont think that we will be married in a church. As of right now, we are planning on maybe (and this is a big maybe, lol) getting married at the city-hall. We will have to see!!

    We havent told anybody in our family yet about possibly getting married, but we will have to eventually, lol


    Thank you everyone for your well wishes. You are all very sweet!!! :heart:
  8. That's wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy, there's nothing like it!
  9. Thanks for posting. I wish we had a pregnancy thread here. I am so comfortable here and other "pregnancy" forums are just too hard to follow to me--probably because I am so used to TPF.

    I don't want to hijack either of your threads, but it will be nice to have others to compare notes with. I am 8 weeks along. I am very anxious to have an ultrasound and possibly a CVS to make sure the baby is okay.
  10. :flowers: CONGRATS:flowers: I wish you a very joyous pregnancy and a healthy bouncing baby!!
  11. Melanie! great thread!! Have you got a date for your 12 scan yet?

    Its odd how so many things are done differently over here! I was rushed in for a scan asap & infact, the doctor never even tested me or examined me ~ they just took my word for it that I was pg!

    And the peeing in the cup thing, I don't have to do any of that or have the blood tests until 1st December (by which time I'll be nearly 14 weeks). And none of that is done by a doctor, its all my midwife!

    I do have a problem with my back though so everyone tells me I'll be under strict supervision by an obstertrician, more than a regular pregnancy apparently (mine is classed as high risk, but only because I broke several vertibrae in my back so that will bring complications) but I haven't see any sign of it yet!

    well, keep us all up to date ~ we're dying to hear more!!

    Karen xx
  12. No specific date as of yet, Karen - but I have called and requested Nov. 22 since that is a day that Bart and I will both be home early (2pm)!

    I will try and update again soon!! I am on limited internet access. The place I'm living in now doesn't have internet yet, so I am at my grandma's now using our old DSL line. She's in the house next door, so it's not a big deal - but I don't want to sit over here all day just to use the computer, hah :smile:

    I'll try and update tomorrow :biggrin:
  13. Aww... congrats on your pregnancy!!!:flowers: Hope all's well for you and the baby.

    Just a little advice, you must make sure that you follow some pregnancy exercises that will help you not to gain weight and to make delivery easier and to keep you and the baby on good health. You can find lots of interesting posts on pregnancy stuffs on this weightloss forums
    You know how hard it can be to shed off those pregnancy weights.....:sweatdrop:
  14. 10 week update:

    Soooo, now that I've got a few spare minutes - I figured I should update here :biggrin:

    - Pants are getting tighter by the day. Yipes! I can't button my favorite pair of jeans anymore (they were tight to begin with). I've started looking at maternity clothing sites, but haven't seen anything that I found interesting (within Germany) that would a) fit me and that b) I could afford.

    - Emotionalness is still here! Ugh. Today during my math class I said to my teacher that I didn't understand what she said and she told me "Well, I'm not going to redo it so I'm just going to have to explain it to you next semester". Next semester meaning that I'm not going to pass this semester. :crybaby: I didn't cry or anything, but it took a lot for me not to. Our course leaders attempted to go and speak to her about the comment that she made to me, but she didn't have time then. Her comment makes me just want to kick her midterm exam's ass even more :sad: Excuse my language, but...yah.

    - Clearer skin! That's never something to complain about, right? ;)


    Our next OB appointment is scheduled for November 22. There, we will have another ultrasound and then do the regular routine things. Pee in a cup, blood pressure, ask some questions, blah blah :smile:
  15. Melanie ~~ I totally understand about the maternity clothing issue. I hate paying a lot for outfits that I will only wear for a couple of months! I'd rather spend that money on purses or other accessories that I will at least be able to use when I'm not pregnant. Did you check out GapMaternity? It's reasonably priced and there are some nice looking basics. I haven't grown out of my clothing yet, but there is a GM at a mall near me and I will probably order some basic things online if I can't find them in the store when I start growing out of my clothes.