Melanie's birth story!

  1. i hope that i will do this correctly. melanie gave me pretty detailed directions on how to do this, but please accept my appology if i do something wrong here. here is the copied text of the birth story she wrote this afternoon while i was at the hospital. i will also attempt to attach a picture here of the baby. cameras were not allowed int he delivery room, but i was able to get a quick snap of her right after the birth. the other pictures we have are a bit more intimate and i would rather wait for melanie to make the decision if she would like to post those.

    Our bundle of joy is here! It’s around 3.30pm now on April 30 and I thought I should get this typed up now while the little details are still fresh in my mind. I’m going to as B to post this online for you all since I won’t be home until tomorrow and I’m sure that some of you are quite curious…especially since I got about 20 texts this morning asking “IS THE BABY HERE!?”. Well, yes she is here!

    On April 29, I had pretty regular and strong contractions in the afternoon, but that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary since I had been having contractions for a few days before that with only minimal change (1cm) in my cervix. When we got home we went in our backyard and sat in the sun for a little bit. I felt a small pop in my belly and felt like I had peed my pants. I ran to the bathroom and checked it out and it was amniotic fluid. I figured since I had been leaking lately that it wasn’t a huge deal, but I called my midwife just to be safe.

    She told me to start timing contractions again and if they got more painful to head to the hospital. They got progressively more painful and closer together…up to the point that it was nearly unbearable for me. I ate a bit because I knew that after I got to the hospital, I’d be pretty restricted on what I was allowed to eat. Within that time I checked a few last minute things online, notified the bidders on my eBay auction that I’d be out for a few days (aren’t I dedicated?? lol) and Bart went to pack the car and to install the carseat. We left for the hospital at 7.10pm and arrived there at around 7.45pm because there was an accident on the way there. The ride there wasn’t so bad…No speeding or anything, and no me screaming Bart’s head off that I was in pain, lol.

    When we got to the hospital they admitted me and put me in my room, which was very nice actually. The local midwife checked me to see my status, and during that time my water broke completely. Gushed right out…I was so embarrassed, but she was very nice about it and said that was the 2nd time that it happened that day, haha! They placed some monitors on me for about 20 or so minutes to see how frequent the contractions were and their strength. I was dialated at 4.5 cm and was already 100% effaced.

    I was allowed to be mobile in my room and within the hallways (thank God, I would have gone stir crazy if I was confined to my bed). I did that for about 20 minutes and chatted with my mom who met us at the hospital. All of a sudden I had a really horrible contraction that nearly brought me to my knees. I thought that I was going to pass out. My mother called for Bart and he went and ran for a midwife. They all helped me back into my room and I layed down on my side on the bed. I asked if it would be alright if I got into the tub since it was a bit chilly and I thought that it might help me feel a bit better. After getting into the tub, I felt 1000% better. The contractions didn’t feel as strong and just the pressure all over my body went away. It was fantastic.

    I got out after about 45 minutes and laid back down on the bed. The contractions started to become very close together…about one every 5 minutes or so. They were incredibly strong at this point, stronger than I thought I could bear. I got on my knees and started rocking back and forth, which didn’t help as much as I thought it would. I also tried the birthing ball and the rope they had hanging from the ceiling…None of those things helped me. I just kept getting more and more frustrated.

    I got back into the tub at 10pm. My mom stood behind me and rubbed my shoulders while Bart stroked my hair. I don’t remember really if I made much noise, but Bart says that he’s never heard anything like it before…Just moaning constantly. Haha

    My midwife had been in the hospital when I got there, but she was assisting another one of her patients. She came to check on me to see how I was doing. She read all of the charts and said that things were progressing nicely. I asked her to check me again because I felt this incredible pressure and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. She checked me and let me know that I had progressed to 8 cm and that it wasn’t going to be much longer now. I switched positions and Bart rubbed my back. I asked my mom to entertain me a little bit to get my mind off of the contractions, so I had her read the Cosmo Confessions, lol. It didn’t work very well to distract me from the contractions, but at least I was able to laugh a bit in between.
  2. At around 10.50 I got the incredible urge to push. My midwife checked me again and I was at 9.5cm and my midwife and all of the other ladies in the room encouraged me to push. My mom held my hand and Bart held my left leg back while my midwife held my right leg since I kept slipping down in the tub. I pushed as hard as I could through 3 contractions, but didn’t feel like it was doing anything. At 11.15, I really started pushing…I didn’t even know that I had that type of strength within me. I could feel the baby moving down after each contraction, it was such a crazy feeling. I just kept pushing and pushing until I could finally feel that her head was nearly out. Bart kept yelling “I CAN SEE HER I CAN SEE HER!!!”. I got so excited that I just pushed harder. My mom was so great, she kept saying such encouraging things to me and was so loving. I was so glad to have her there. At 11.45 My midwife told me that I could reach down and touch the baby’s head if I wanted to. SHE HAD HAIR!! After feeling the baby’s head, I gave one huge push, and her head popped out. The pain was so incredible, but I just needed to have her out of me. The pain didn’t matter at that point anymore. I began to cry and during the next contraction I did a bit of pushing to get her shoulders out and then she just slid into the world at 11.53pm. It was truly the most amazing experience in this world. My mom cried and kissed me on the head and Bart totally fell apart.

    My midwife placed her on my chest and she was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen in my life. Just looking at her, I could tell that she wasn’t a Natalia. One of the girls asked what her name was…Bart said Natalia and I said that I wasn’t sure. She stayed with me in the tub until the cord stopped pulsating. My mom and Bart cut the cord together. The doctors took her across the room and cleaned her up, weighed her and measured her. Bart went with the doctors and my mom stayed with me to deliver the Placenta. Let me just tell you…YUCK!

    I got out of the tub at 12.30am on April 30 with the baby and we got into bed together. The assistants wheeled me out of the room and into the elevator. Mom and Bart were at my side the whole way. We went up one floor, to where the regular rooms were and my mom noted that I was going to be put in the room next door to the one she was in when I was born. How amazing is that? It would have been even better had it been the same room!
    A breastfeeding consultant came into the room right after I got in and talked with me about breastfeeding and helped me get started. The baby (at this time still didn’t have a name!) latched on quickly. She stayed on the breast for quite a while. My mom and Bart held the baby after a while for that, I fell asleep during that but woke up at 4.30am when she started to cry. My mom was sleeping on the sofa then and Bart was nowhere to be found. My mom got up and handed the baby to me (she was in her plastic tub thing) and I started to nurse her, which calmed her down right away. Bart came back then with some coffee for my mom and him and some pastries from the hospital Bakery. I was sooooooo hungry then that I snarfed down a big ole cheese Danish and a donut. Mmmm, did that taste good!

    My mom held the baby for a while after I nursed. The head doctor came in at around 6am to see how we all were doing and how the baby was. He was just getting ready to end his shift, but he spent a lot of time with us – answering questions, giving tips, etc. Bart changed a diaper (and he nearly threw up…it’s not like there was anything in it! Wimp.) and my mom changed her outfit.

    I took a shower while the baby was sleeping at around 8am. I felt sooo much better after that! Earlier I had felt so tired and dirty, but after the shower I felt so filled with energy that I couldn’t wait for the baby to wake up. I sent my mom and Bart home for a little while so they could also get some sleep and tell the rest of the family the good news. Bart took some pictures and said he was going to show them to my grandmother and aunts and uncles.

    The baby woke again at 9.30am, right after the breastfeeding lady came in. She asked me to show her how I was doing things, and she was very proud of me for getting the hang of things so quickly and said that I was very lucky to have a baby that latched on like a pro. I felt very lucky too. I had heard such horror stories, that it really scared me. The lady also showed me a few different positions that I could use depending on the time of day and what we were doing. Got to get used to those though!

    I got a roommie at 1pm. A woman in her 40s named Laura. She also had just had her first child, a boy (Lucas) that morning at 11. As we were chatting, the baby started to cry again and as I was rocking her I realized what her name was. …Julia. Julia Michelle, Michelle after her was-to-be Godmother who passed away before Julia was born.

    My mom came at 2.30 with some small treats and flowers for me. I love my mom! I told her that I had come up with the baby’s name, and she absolutely loved it. I called Bart, who was on his way, telling him that I had found her name and he told me not to tell him until he came. I was nursing Julia as he came into the room. I didn’t say anything when he walked into the room, except for “Julia.” Bart started to cry again…He was such an emotional wreck. More than I was! I think a lot of it had to do with being overwhelmed by the baby coming so quickly and the passing of his sister and that his mom or sister couldn’t be here to see the baby.

    So…I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the details! I am to be released from the hospital with Julia tomorrow morning – May 1 and then we will be starting our new life at home.

    Name: Julia Michelle
    Weight: 2949 g / 2.9 kg / 6 lbs 8 oz
    Length: 47cm
    Birthday: April 29, 2007 at 11.53pm
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