Melanie Griffith Walks Through Columbus Circle

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  2. I like her leather coat.
  3. it doesnt look like it fits her properly though, abit too tight around the middle, when she is shown in the first piccie face on :P
  4. Melanie smokes, interesting, she's not aging well IMO.
  5. I just hate it when a woman walks and smokes...atleast smoke in your backyard where no can see you!! She might as well walk with it hanging out of her mouth!! I think she looks okay....she gets alot of Botox...etc...etc..which helps.
  6. She doesn't look that bad in these photos! But she's almost always photographed with a cigarette in her hand! Not a great look imo!
  7. I wish she would get rid of those silly trout lips.
  8. Call me CRAZY but I think the trout lips are actually an improvement for her. *ducks* (no pun intended, lol!)

    Ehhh.. on the second thought, I just googled and they are actually pretty damn scary up close.
  9. her coat is very atttractive ...
  10. Yeah she does seem to be with a ciggy in alotta pics.. not cool for pictures :P
  11. Well said, Sunshine!!! I just can't stand it when a woman walks and smokes. It just looks cheap to me. Sorry. Love her husband, though...............
  12. ^^^^I love her husband too. If I had lips like hers, and I'm out in public, I would at least put some lipstick on. Her lips look sooo bad, I feel sorry for her.

    What's with the shoes? Eww.
  13. I like her coat too! :yes:
  14. ITA!! My mother always said a lady should never be seen smoking in public and even tho a lot of other things she said were just crazy-talk, that one has stuck with me.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, I believe she's a bit older than Antonio and trying hard to hold on - she doesn't look good in these photos though and I agree the cigarette is an awful addition to her overall image.