Melanie Griffith lights cigarette for 16 yr. old daughter Dakota

  1. This is pretty sad the girl is only 16 yrs. old.
  2. well, she smoked at a pretty young age as well. the fruit does not fall far from the tree.
  3. Well said!
  4. :wtf: :yucky: i think it's not true she is so young:censor:
  5. Bad mommy! At first I thought you meant Dakota Fanning, I was like, Shes not 16 is she? Heh.
  6. Melanie is a nut bird. As much as I adore Antonio that is the oddest couple I have ever seen. I dont get it at all. When she got that huge sailor Antonio tattoo on her arm I was floored.
  7. :wtf::sad:
  8. That relationship IS weird, and yet, I still think she's hot. I dunno.
  9. Dakota looks like MK in that pic!:nuts:
  10. that's about as trashy as it gets IMO.
    It's illegal first of all, but what else is she lighting for her behind closed dorrs, or even pouring for her?

    BAD example Momma!!!
  11. That looks so trashy!!! UGH! I think Melanie is a mess! Antonio seems to have it together but what's wrong with Melanie?
  12. I've never understood the Melanie/Antonio thing. He seems so classy and she just....doesn't.
  13. I agree. How sad for her kids, obviously not the best mom around.
  14. That is just awful. She's in such denial about the danger of her own smoking that she thinks it's ok for her daughter to smoke. Makes me sick. :yucky:

    I wonder what else she condones for her kids. Her own life growing up was weird; she lived with Rick Springfield when she was just 16 or so. I would hope that Antonio would be a better role model than she, but I guess not. Poor kid. :sad:
  15. kids will do what they want to do regardless of age.