Melanie Griffith Fights A Losing Battle With The Signs Of Ageing

  1. Its bound to happen sooner or later I guess.

    Age before beauty: Actress Melanie Griffith shows off her baggy knees in Bermuda style shorts
    Premature signs of ageing: The 49-year old has been waging a battle against losing her good looks

    The 46-year-old Mask Of Zorro star has told of his wife in the past: "Hollywood stars are not supposed to be perfection. I don't believe in perfection. I think it is a mistake.
    "I said to her, I want to see you growing old and I will grow old with you too, and I don't care. I like her the way she is. Wrinkles are beautiful."
    Other stars, however, have done much to combat the problem of ageing knees.
    Actress Demi Moore, 44, reportedly had a £5,000 knee lift in 2004 because they looked so out of place with the rest of her toned body.
    And 39-year-old Nicole Kidman prompted speculation she had tried liposculpture when she was spotted sporting sticking plasters around her knees while on holiday a little over two years ago.
    After this treatment, a patient will wear plasters and support stockings while the skin recovers.
    Younger women are certainly not immune to the problem of sagging knees. Kate Moss, 33, is often pictured flaunting knees which seem to have bourne the brunt of her hard-partying lifestyle.
  2. Sun damage on fair skin!
  3. EEKS!!! Is that bottom picture really her face? I'm not convinced it's really her on that one. I think her face in the first two is ok... but her legs are scaring me. They look worse than my 92 year old grandma's legs. What gives?!? While I don't think we should shun the signs of aging, she really doesn't look good. I would suggest long pants.
  4. If she wasn't smoking all those years, she(her face) wouldn't look that used and abused.
  5. She's led a rough life---partying, drinking, smoking, drugs, sleeping around, marriages, divorces.........

    Partying and living wild can and WILL do serious damage to a womans beauty. Plus she's had too much surgery. She's just a mess! EKKKK!!!
  6. Part of me wants to say, "cover your legs"...the other part says, "live your life". I think it is wonderful that her huband has such a beautiful attitude. It is tough in our world to age as a female and having a husband support you would just mean everything.
  7. ^^ I agree New Grl! she looks really bad...idk but my relative is her age and she looks great.. nothing like melanie

    its funny bc last year they did a photo spread on her in OK! and she looked nothing like like! the wonders of photoshop!

    i just heard this phrase "karma face".... i wonder if this is her karma face
  8. wow. this is what the sun, smoking, drinking and drugs do to you. Ouch.
  9. Wow....she has definitely NOT aged gracefully. I agree with everyone's gotta be a combination of smoking, sun damage and partying.
  10. Exactly. And especially if we add a lot of alcohol and drugs we shouldn't be surprised to see her loking like this.
  11. she looks more like 60! Shes only 5 years older than me and I still don't have one wrinkle! how sad. smoking doesn't help her either.....
  12. Did you read the "open letter from Melanie Griffith" If not here it is... she's looney toons. LOL

    Hey *****es,
    Yes, my knees may be sagging harder than Demi Moore's, but that ***** had plastic surgery on her knees and I'm not that crazy.
    If you don't like it, suck on my used cigarette!
    P.S. I may also be a recovering alcoholic, but I'm ****** Antonio Banderas and you're not.
    Take that *****es!
  13. OMG! she looks awful!
  14. Antonio's such a lucky guy.
  15. Is the close up shot really her? All I can say is WOW! I'm sure she is regretting how she spent her younger days. Also, I think if she gained a little weight it might help fill out some of her wrinkles.