- 20% Off Through Friday, October 19th

  1. Thanks for posting baga! I'm supposed to be on their email list.....wonder why I didn't get this email.
  2. Hi Little Mommie!! I wish I could answer that question, but I don't know the answer. Quite often I see sales posted for websites where I am also on their mailing list but didn't happen to receive the sales alert. Computer gliche I guess! I haven't been keeping in touch lately as I've had scores of company and have just been incredibly busy. Here and there, I've had time just to log on quickly to post sales info and that's about it. Hope that you and the little ones are doing just dandy!! PosseNYC bags came and I love them. My sis doesn't want the one that I ordered for now I have two of the same!!!!!! Sight-unseen, she turned me down saying that she has more bags than she can ever carry!!Don't we all???:graucho: