Mel & Geri

  1. [​IMG]
  2. :tender:
  3. Wow, I hardly recongized Mel..she looks so different with straight hair!
  4. I personally think they both look way better than they did when they were in the Spice Girls.
  5. I love Geri's hair, I'd like mine that but it looks time consuming!
  6. They're all gorgeous and the babies are so damn adorable. There are so many baby threads out there today. :d
  7. Ooooooh how cute they all look :tender:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. honestly, Geri I take my hat off to you. one of the best turnarounds I have ever seen. stylish, a lady and totally over the huge issues she has had in the past. just goes to show that motherhood can change you so much - and I can totally relate.
  10. Love love love the last pic!
  11. I completely agree, motherhood has worked wonders for Geri, she looks happy, feminine and freaking gorgeous. Such lovely babies as well, Mels new little girl is too cute for words :smile:
  12. Those are really good pics!! I agree that Mel looks so different with straight hair.
  13. Cute pictures! I think Geri looks fine but Mel looks a lot different to me, she looked much better during her Spice Girl days!