Mel & Eddie Are Pregnant

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    Pregnant ... Eddie's Mel

    US Editor
    October 18, 2006

    FORMER Spice Girl Mel B is pregnant by Eddie Murphy — and it could even be TWINS.
    Excited Mel, 32, broke the news that she was FOUR MONTHS gone to staff and shoppers at a Los Angeles boutique.
    She made the announcement as she shopped at Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Hollywood, said website TMZ.
    Store spokesman Andy Behrman confirmed to The Sun last night: “Melanie Brown came in and was telling everybody she was four months gone.
    “She said she suspects twins because they run in Eddie’s family.”
    Mel, who has a seven-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi from marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar, blew £3,000 on lingerie.
    She began dating dad-of-six Eddie in the spring. They are rumoured to wed next month.
    Calls to Mel’s lawyers were not returned.
  2. wow. umm that was fast..

    does no one in hollywood belive in contrecption(sp)
  3. Wow, and I just read yesterday that they were seeing each other. I must be slow with the celeb news these days.
  4. I heard this on the radio this morning ..
  5. she so desperate for attention that she announces she's preggers to random strangers in a store??? :confused1:
  6. I'll say it again: Beard!
  7. I read it yesterday, and I was surprise! Damn, they were fast!
  8. She was probably just excited and wanted to share her good news. I dunno...I'd prolly do the same after a certain point of keeping it in, to random stragers also! lol I say good for them!
  9. Thats great news.. good for them.. fast or not :smile:
  10. hi there. i am new to this forum, but this is the post that made me have to speak up. she thinks she might be having twins because they run in EDDIE'S family??? does she not know how twins are conceived??? it has nothing to do with the man, it has to do with the woman's eggs and whether it splits (identical) or she ovulates more than one and they are both fertilized (fraternal)!! OY, clueless....
  11. yay but she thinks that if she mentions twins it will get her some more headlines ;)

    It seems awful fast to me, and he already has six, so she is hardly being original is she!!

    I must stop being so cynical about these celebs, but they just make it so easy for me :biggrin:
  12. All I can say is WOW
  13. she looks much older here..:yes:..but congratz to them..good news!
  14. Exactly. :yes: The first thing I thought when I read that part of the article was, "What a ditz!"
  15. will someone please tell this to my husband's family?? i've tried. they don't listen. i am NOT having twins someday just b/c some distant relative on his side did. :hysteric:</rant>:back2topic:

    anyway. those two didn't waste any time, did they?
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