1. Did I miss the post where you told us what you bought the day after Christmas? I wanna seeeeeeeeeeee!! :lol:
  2. I've been sneaking around avoiding it... and I think it is time I get tech saavy Vlad to figure out the cam and put up my pictures!!! Give us a little bit... it is the new love of my life (yupp, move on over Vlad) ;)
  3. Hmmm.....gotcha! lol
    I'll be waiting patiently. ;)


    j/k :lol:
  4. Please hurry, no extra dollars to spend here right now, so my dreams must be fulfilled by others!!! Come on now Meg share!
  5. I feel like I'm 3-- "I wanna seeeeee!!!":lol: I haven't bought a bag since my ribera, and I need to live vicariously so that I don't make another trip to LV for a speedy or NM for a BV like Star's!! Share for the sake of my fiancee and my wallet:nuts: :lol:
  6. Ok!! Vlad and I will put the pictures up today... give us a little. We are mighty lazy right now but they are coming!!!
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