Megs, Vlad, everyone, how many people do U think will login to tpf on Christmas Day?

  1. Well there are about 91,000 members, I think about 2,000 will log in :yes:
  2. Oo:huh: cool thread lol!

    I say, 1,700 ish.
  3. I don't know how many total, but I'll be stopping in! LOL
  4. I will def be on here all day b/c I'm working that day & its going to be super slow & dead!!!
  5. I think there will be a massive amount pics of everyones new prezzies posted!!!!!!
    I will be posting on two forums for definate!!:yahoo: Actually,make that three!!lol!
  6. I know I'll be there!
  7. I think the traffic will be at least double what it normally is on a weekday.
  8. i'll be here for sure :smile:
  9. This is a trick question!

    There are lots of people travelling, too, that won't have access right away! Like me, I'll be out of range beginning Christmas morning, and won't be back to a signal until Saturday or Sunday!

    Oh, how I am going to miss some good reveals!!!
  10. I'll be here, for a bit at least, I'm sure! :tup:
  11. I think it'll be higher the day after
  12. I'll be here some... but mostly with family :yes:

    I am sure we will see many reveals though :tup:
  13. I think it will be high! Around 10,000!! LOL
  14. I think there will be quite a few lol I know I will be
  15. ooo, imagine how many good ones you'll have to come back too tho!!!xxx:tup: