Megs & Vlad, can we get additional smiles?

  1. I don't know what it would cost (hopefully nothing), time involved etc., I was just wondering if this is a possilbility. If not a lot, a drool smile at least :P . We have so many drool worthy bags in the showcase here.
  2. I'd like a fainting one and a jumping up and down one!
  3. I think we have too many to choose from already!! LOVE THEM ALLL!
  4. I would love some smilies too~! Love the animated ones...
  5. lol! That would so cute!
  6. If single smilies can be added, there are some great ones on phpBB's site :smile: They come in packs for easy installation but you could upload just a few.
  7. Too cute!

    There's another blog I go to that has tons of smiles. If I tell what it is, can we steal, ahem, borrow there's? ;)
  8. surely, chances are high that they use other freely available smilies as well.
  9. I"m also a member of another vbulletin website, there's about 300 smileys on it, some are REALLY crass though!
  10. Well lets get on the smilie bandwagon! More smilies more smilies!!!

    Vlad will get to it after his exams tomorrow!
  11. ^^^ O Yea! :biggrin:

    This site I was talking about with the many smiles is When you get ready to post it gives you the smiles on the side like on here but it has a "more" link to bring up the rest of them.

    There is also a HOME and a BABY side to this site.
  12. I spent all freakin afternoon looking for the larger version of the ones we already used. Finally a found it on a resource site as an extended set. I'll add more fun ones later...
  13. Vlad rocks!
  14. :flowers: thank you Vladiator!:heart: :yahoo:
  15. :cool: