Megs or anyone with a honey spy...

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  1. Could you please tell me if the natural colour is the same as the honey colour?
    I've just purchased a medium spy in the natural and am curious because the SA did not know if there was one in the honey colour.

    the tag says Borsa Spy Nappa Nuvolata/Naturale.

  2. bump! please anyone?
  3. arcfire,
    yes, the honey is the same color as the naturale (which is the official Fendi Italian name for the color). I've heard SA's refer to it as:
    honey, tan, or naturale.
  4. ^^ I hadn't heard the other names, but looks like that could be the truth! I love the color so much!!
  5. thanks Greendrv!
    the colour must photograph a little brighter/ more orangey than the actual bag.
    am loving the oh so soft leather.
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