Megs' new BV flats!

  1. Since she won't freakin' post about 'em, I'll do it for her. I was also the one who takes credit for picking the red, they had another three shades available at the NYC store, but the red seemed to pop the most and should go with lots of things in her wardrobe.

    The price was pretty steep, I think around $570, but I'm sure she'll enjoy them for a long time.
  2. Thanks for posting the pics, Vlad. Congrats to you and Megs on your wonderful trip to NYC!
  3. uhhh so nice. red is such a hot color, looks great with grey as well. love them enjoy!!
  4. Good job Vlad!
    Megs these flats are a stunner!!!:tup:
    The red is such a HOT color, enjoy!
  5. VERY pretty!
  6. LOVE the color! Enjoy Megs!
  7. Very Pretty!!!!
  8. Thanks for the lovely pic so we can all drool :drool::drool::drool: The red is just too perfect and so classic. I am waiting for them to go on sale :sweatdrop: Enjoy your beauties! :love:
  9. Oh cute~!... what a HOT color.. Vlad you have great taste!!! Way to go Megs!
  10. what a beautiful shade of red!!! very nice flats...
  11. Wow I reallly like them!! congrats they are soo pretty and I love a red shoe:tup:....are they comfortable?
  12. Gorgeous shoes! Congrats Megs!
  13. I keep looking at those--the color is so great. Megs will look awesome in them. thanks for posting, Vlad.
  14. BV flats are designed for Italian sizing--a rather narrow foot. I have to go way up in size because I have wide feet and then I have to wear them around the house to stretch them, which they will do. A BV SA told me she has to do the same thing. But the leather is goatskin, I think, so it's pretty soft.
  15. great choice Vlad! love that you took the liberty of posting for Megs. haha. you are one in a million!