Megs' New Baby

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  1. I know many of you have been impatiently waiting to have the secret revealed... well ladies, here it is. Megs' new 06 Fendi Honey Spy.

    Enjoy the pictures! :amuse:

    P.S. She'll be telling you all more about it in a little bit.

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  2. Two more shots.

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  3. And since I knew that she was going to get a new bag this Xmas, Santa Vlad decided to surprise her with this Dior Continental Wallet under the tree. I think they go well together. :amuse:

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  4. It's beautiful; what a fabulous gift to give and to recieve. :love:
  5. OMG finally!!! I knew that was what it was when she said hint: cognac. Congrats Congrats I love it. You are so lucky, what a nice gift.
  6. it's so pretty! i loooove the color :biggrin:
  7. Oooooooooooooh!!!
  8. The SA at Fendi at Bal Harbour in Miami, FL told her they had just gotten it in that day and that she couldn't hold it for even a few hours, because it would go in no time at all. So a few minutes and $2,200 later, a new happy Fendi customer was born.

    Megs is mighty in love with it, the leather is so nice, and the crafting spotless.
  9. Whoa... i love the spy! Vlad you are so awesome and lucky Meg!!
  10. Fantastic...:love:
  11. P.S. Sorry about the watermarks, but I just don't want our images to show up on bogus auctions on eBay and other misc sites.
  12. Congrats Megs, that is a goregous color! The wallet is beautiful :love: Nice choice, Vlad! :biggrin:
  13. Thats a very VERY nice gift. Glad Megs really likes it.
  14. Beautiful! Enjoy!!!:love:
  15. Lovely.........What an awesome colour. You must have been a very good girl, Meg !