Megs and the Dover Street Pop Up Store...

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  1. You will want to come along with Megs on her visit to the Dover Street LV Pop Up store.

    Have any of you paid a visit yet?

    This special post features the Stephen Sprouse NN14 bag, with some lovely photographs, so if you are a fan of this sleek satin and leather creation, you will want to see this editorial and pay a visit to this special location while you can.

  2. Thankyou for the link PBinsider! That little Spotlight bag is very cute, isn't it! Can Megs share the colours of the exclusive Sprouse stole with us please?

  3. I will flag her for you and hopefully she will come on in and share!!
  4. Thank you, love your posts!
  5. nice :smile:
  6. It was black and blue if I recall correctly - let me see if Vlad has a close up shot to share!
  7. That would be great! Thanks Megs! :biggrin:
  8. Vlad doesn't have a closer shot, but I think I have an image from LV. Brb!
  9. So I don't have a good picture, but I can tell you it's mostly black with blue and a mini Graffiti Stole. Price is $875
  10. Thanks for the info Megs, my friend sent me a pic of the new graffiti stole with a navy background and black writing, so this sounds like the reverse!