Megs, (and other brides-to-be) I found this!

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  1. I was searching for plumeria scented candles, when I came across this site. It's a whole site devoted to wedding favors! They range from really cute to elegant.

  2. I actually don't think I've heard of this, so thanks for the link. I'll check it out!
  3. I just bought a plumeria reed diffuser today.
  4. What a cool site! I emailed it to my cousin in law, who's sister is getting married later this year.
  5. Thanks Caitlin. I actually was looking at this site a few weeks ago!
  6. i was also just doing some wedding research for my brother and came across a website that makes invites out of recycled biodegradable paper with flower seeds IN the paper. you get the invite, mark the calendar, and then actually plant the invite and flowers grow - anything from wildflower mixes to specific colors and types. its pretty neat.

    its not my style, but they are having a very laid back country wedding on my familys farm, so i am SO excited to show her when i go home next month. they are very into going green and he even used the Amnesty International checklist when he bought her diamond so i think they will be thrilled!

    oh, and they make stickers for sealing the envelopes with real pressed flowers cute is that?
  7. Thanks Caitlin!

    My sister will really like this site!

    (The lady that popped up scared me! :Push: The volume was way up.)
  8. I'm no where near being a bride to be... but thats for posting I did enjoy looking and the website!!
  9. how cool!! :idea: I will definitely look this over for our wedding in Sept...Thanks caitlin!! :heart:
  10. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm getting married this summer and have been looking for favors, this site looks great!
  11. I just found 10 Christmas presents on that site!!!!!

    This is amazing!!!
  12. Wow! this is really cute - love the textured paper and the fact that you can plan the seeds!
  13. Aaaaack they don't ship internationally. :sad: Beautiful products!
  14. I totally forgot about these until I saw an ad in People magazine. As soon as I saw it, I thought, "I totally want to do this when I get married!"

    Personalized m & m's! How adorable is that?
  15. That's a neat link. I'm determined to do something unique and tasteful (if and when).

    I have two plumeria plants (ok.. stalks right now) - they're so pretty! I also have a plumeria ring I wear all the time from my mom.