Meghan Markle Wedding Dress predictions

  1. So, as we are a few short weeks away from the wedding I thought it would be fun to start predicting what we think the dress would look like. Bearing in mind I think she needs to stick to some protocol of the dress shouldn't be strapless or low cut and her shoulders need to be covered ( I'm sure I read that when Catherine got married ) I think it might be something like this.
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  2. Something like this maybe:
  3. Given that it’s her second wedding, and that she’s a bit older, I’m predicting she’ll be pretty demure in her choices.
  4. I'm thinking a dress similar to the dress that Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wore on her wedding day. She appears to be rather unpopular and disliked, so she will probably not make the same mistake she did on her engagement photos by wearing a dress with sheer arm sleeves or a somewhat sheer top.
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  5. I wonder if she will wear a tiara
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  8. Or maybe she will wear a choker that was Diana's fashioned as a headband / tiara, like Diana did. I only seem to remember her doing that with ones that had gemstones though. Not sure if she wore chokers that were diamonds only.
    I think Catherine got it spot on in the tiara stakes. Simple and elegant enough for a commoner to turn into a Duchess. :smile:
  9. I agree with you. Her parents bought that for her and it is something she can pass down to Charlotte. There was talk that MM might borrow it or the Spencer tiara that Diana wore. I guess we will find out!
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  10. That tiara she wore at her wedding is a Cartier piece bought in 1936 by the the Duke of York, the Queens father to her mother before they became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Princess Margaret and Princess Anne have worn it too. Its a beautiful thing. The Queen loaned it to Catherine.
    Can't see Meghan wearing the Spencer tiara...yet. Though you never know. X
    QueenElizabethQueenMotherScrollTiara.jpg _halo1.jpg
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  11. Someone wrote that Harry might want her to wear it as a symbol of his mother. I don't think that Earl Spencer would object to that.
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  12. I think I'd be shocked if she did, it would be lovely though. No, I don't think Earl Spencer would object at all, but I think its only Spencer women who have worn it and MM is quite a way removed from that side of the family if that makes sense!? I know Victoria wore it but she was actually marrying a Spencer who is now the Earl.
  13. He like to stick it to the royal family so he just might want her to wear it even it she is only marrying a nephew.
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  14. I think she'll get a new tiara to wear. No pre-nip mean she's not getting any historic jewels until they know
    The marriage will last,
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  15. She will be bound by royal protocol so there will be no cleavage, nothing super revealing or suggestive or sheer etc. I would guess her arms will be covered. Likely she will wear jewellery from his side.

    Meghan is so naturally beautiful with such lovely skin, there are so many options that would suit her. I think a blush tone in a style along these lines(but with a closed bodice) would be lovely:
    Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 1.25.50 pm.png