Meghan Markle style

  1. New on cover of ELLE France

    edit: sorry, trying to repost from Harry thread, credit for this image goes to Esizzle posting first
  2. IMG_1087.JPG IMG_1089.JPG IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1091.JPG IMG_1093.JPG IMG_1094.JPG IMG_1109.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1115.JPG

    These are some of things she has worn I really liked.
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  3. IMG_1088.JPG

    These are from public appearances That could fight the royal dress code.

    IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1096.JPG IMG_1099.JPG IMG_1101.JPG

    These are looks that she wore as Rachel Zane that I hope she incorporates in royal working wardrobe.
    IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1117.JPG
  4. Thanks for starting this thread! She looks great!
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  5. Love her style!
  6. Yes! Love that we have this thread - thanks for starting it! I think she has a lovely sense of style, very clean yet feminine.
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  7. OOOOO finally ! Love her style ! can't wait to see her look from today! her first official public Event in Nottingham
  8. From today in Nottingham - I like the coat but I don't know about the skirt. IMG_1119.JPG IMG_1120.JPG
  9. More style pics:


    I love her coats:
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  10. I love her taste in bags. Understated and classy but not as boring as Jennifer Garner. I think it's very purposeful that she chose to wear strathberry out, since they're based in Scotland!
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  11. She's a stunner! I loved her wardrobe on Suits. Very chic and simple.
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  12. Can anyone ID her black croc handbag?
    Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.14.06 PM.jpg
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  13. I kind of like the boots. This styled boots was out for a long time, but I think they are making a come back.
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