Megan Fox's handbag

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  1. Can anyone please tell me what bag Megan's carrying?


    I know its a botkier---but I dont know the model/color.
    If anyone is able to point out in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

    Also, does anyone know where to still find that exact same bag? I tried eBay/google---no luck (at least for me)
  2. Looks like the Trigger I saw here. I didn't see that exact color though.
  3. def a trigger.. but is the zipper tape supposed to be that aweful off white color? and is the leather supposed to be so shiny? is this a knockoff??
  4. [​IMG]I have a real Trigger, and hers doesn't look like it. Hers is very shiny! Mine if matte leather of the same shade.
  5. I'm fairly sure it's not a knockoff... I feel like i've seen it before somewhere. Thought it might've been eBay, so I doubt the reputable-ness (I don't know the word, sorry!) of that.