Megan Fox Is The Real Transformer

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    Megan Fox Is The Real Transformer

    September 11th, 2007 at 11:42 am
    I love that ONTD forum!! A member over there noticed that Megan Good was rocking her off the shoulder signature post minus a little bump on her nose these days. I would have NEVER noticed the slight adjustment. But since we have these side by sides, it is noticeable that she got a nose job. Click on the thumbnail below to see another comparison.
  2. Pretty girl either way. I just hate when people go cookie cutter. The second photo looks like it was vaseline-ed over.
  3. I agree, I would not ever do plastic surgery unless it is
    desperately needed for health reasons.
  4. Omg it was a tiny bump, why go through that! I like her though, shes so hott!

    I noticed her skin is not that great :s
  5. Those two pictures were taken from slightly different angles. Her nose looks the same to me?!?!
  6. Holy BIG PORES Batman!
  7. hmmmm she's hot tho... with or without the bump... but hey... plastic surgery is like a standard practice in hollywood anyway... i am not gonna hold it against her.
  8. Her skin is a prime example of how Photo Shop and airbrushing can do wonders. I used to always wondered how all celebs had such perfect glowy skin.

    I think she's gorgeous, and she was gorgeous before she got her alleged nose job.
  9. Whoa you are right.

    Check out this link, it shows she has had some lip injections done too and you know what, you can also see that bump there as well.

    I think she's hot though but no Angelina Jolie which some media outlets were comparing her to.
  10. That girl has one nice booty!
  11. Whatever....does it really matter if she had a nose job if it makes her feel better about herself?

  12. I kind of have the same perspective about plastic surgery. I wanted breast implants for the longest time and then I realized when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, that I could not go through that kind of pain (I am a wimp). But I do agree that if it will make you feel better about yourself and you really really want it, then you should go for it. On the other hand, I saw what my mom went through and I could never wish that upon anyone. My mom is fine now btw...but her reconstruction was painful as well.(even though now we joke that she has really great ta-tas!!!) ;)
  13. That girl is absolutely beautiful, i dont think she looks so different in the pics, if she did get a nose job her surgeon is really good
  14. That bump is nothing! why go through the pain...but she is absolutely gorgeus! got beautiful blue eyes!!
  15. Sorry to hear what your mom had to go through :sad:

    I am very lucky to have been blessed in the gene department so there's nothing about my face that I would ever want to change....BUT I did have breast reduction surgery (both for health AND aesthetic reasons) and I can't even describe how much BETTER it made me feel about myself walking out of my house everyday feeling like I finally looked normal.

    We're so quick to judge others on things like this but I say if it's going to make that much of a difference in how someone feels about themselves everyday then they should go for it and who are we to criticize?

    Maybe it's jealousy? Part of me thinks we're bothered by people having plastic surgery because we don't want others to look more "perfect" than us.

    Who knows really....all just speculation.