Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green

  1. how so?
  2. It looks botchy, like she's had lipo or something. And her belly button is really long.
  3. ^ wow. I bet a majority of women would die to have her body. You could pick apart anyone, since no one is perfect. She looks natural to me. Like she doesn't workout, but is naturally toned. She has great proportions and I would take her body any day over someone like fake Heidi Montag.
  4. She has a nice figure now she has put on a couple pounds, she was getting too wee for a while there, i think her stomach is great, you can tell that she works out hard, gotta admire that determination.

  5. I agree!
  6. Whoa, I wasn't trying to sound like I am perfect. I am just saying her stomach looks really odd to me compared to other stomachs, lol.
  7. I hate to see a woman with a nice body mess it up with "manly" tats
  8. Yeah, her tattoos are not attractive. Too big and too many. And I don't like that pink zebra bikini. The second bikini is cute though!
  9. :popcorn:
  10. I guess she left her bikini bottoms at home
  11. They're in Hawaii? That beach they're on looks like the rocky, cold beaches in LA with the murky dark water we have. (which I hate)

    Anyways, she has put on a few pounds and looks great.
  12. I know...not saying you think you are perfect, just that her stomach is such a minor flaw (if you want to call it that) compared to her overall figure.

    I do agree about the tats. She got them when she was very young. I wonder if she regrets them and thats why she is getting some of them removed.

  13. Megan is dumb.... she done got herself blacklisted from Hollywood.... lol...

    And does anyone remember when one of the members of Hip-Hop group The Pharcyde tried to get Brian Austin Green a rap career???...


  14. I remember BAG could dance good for a white dude when he was on 90210. I wonder if he still has the moves.
  15. ^LMAO yes. I suspect that's where my soft spot for white homies originates from :shame: HEY, I AM NOT ASHAMED lmao

    And yeah he was a damn good dancer :lol: I think he used to do it professionally, don't quote me on that though.