MEGA-WARNING!! Please read if u use StrawberryNet!

  1. Hey Ladies,
    I know many of you use Strawberrynet for purchases and thought it to by my moral obligation to fellow PFers to warn you about a HUGE security flaw on their website!!

    Its too late for me.. but I hope this helps everybody else.

    Today i was made aware that somebody i know was able to obtain my Name, Address and Phone Number by simply checking out and typing in my email address. All you need to do is procede to the checkout and when the email address field comes up you can type in ANY email address of someone you know and the details fields below will fill in automatically. Needless to say, this person had my email address.. and was able to obtain all of these details w/o my knowledge or permission!! :wtf:

    I have already emailed SNet expressing my absolute ANGER over this situation and ive always been an advocator for SNet as i thought their service to be second to none... but would reconsider using them EVER AGAIN!! I have also told them to fix this IMMEDIATELY!! If any of you ladies use this site.. please email them at and express your concern as well!! :censor: :censor: :rant: :rant:

    Sorry about my long post.
  2. That is so scary! Thanks for posting this. I hope they fix everything soon.
  3. Holy, that is scary!!!!!!! I hope nothing bad happens to you!! Hopefully they can help you, well they have to! i was just thinking about shopping with them because of all the nice things I have heard! Thanks for letting us know!
  4. dont these poeple sell skincare?
    thast really scary.....
  5. What is strawberry net?
  6. I'm sorry this happened to you. Thank you for letting us know. I hope they resolve this problem quickly as well so others aren't affected.
  7. :wtf: Thank you for the warning. I have ordered from Strawberry net quite a bit in the past. I will make sure and send an email off to them right away.
  8. that's really scary thank you for the warning
  9. oh no, my mom ordered from them! I hope they fix this ASAP! Please keep us updated on if they email you back.
  10. Thats why I hate ordering things online sometimes.. you never know what is really "secure." I hope they fix this right away.
  11. i have heard of this website, carries alot of makeup brands. that is scary to know that your info can be easily obtain.
  12. so far they have not emailed me back... ill let you all know what their response to this is... i understand that it might take them a while to fix this as its a technical issue obviously..
  13. OMG!!! That's awful!!!:wtf: Thanks so much for alerting us to this! I am staying far away from them! :rant: Please keep us updated on what they say.
  14. Hey, i don't know...i have ordered a fragrance 2 days ago from there and i received a mail asking me to give them my security code of the card. Do u think it is not normal to ask in a mail the security code?
  15. I wouldn't. Can you call their site so you know they are really needing it?