Meg Ryan On Her Dress Down Day

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    Meg Ryan out in Brentwood over the weekend.
  2. She's so cute!!
  3. She may be cute in her movies, but she definitely should do something with her hair in the real life.
  4. It would be much cuter if her pants weren't so droopy.
  5. a fitter pants and a cute sandal, and she'll look more gorgeous :yes:
  6. Love Meg but she needs to go back to shorter hair, IMO. Anyone else remember Addicted to Love?! One of my favorite movies. She looked FAB!

  7. What happened?!
  8. so true, i :heart: meg. however, i think thats the definition of TOO MUCH HAIR! its so overwhelming!
  9. she looks great having a short hair.
  10. ITA...Meg suits short hair really well!!
  11. ITA - she looked so cute and spunky in that movie.
  12. I think she looks great with long and short hair.

    ITA about the movie tho - it was so dark and a laugh out loud movie. Cockroaches in the kitchen anyone ;)
  13. She looks like a pale farrah fawcett
  14. I know! I was so happy the other day I found it running on a cable movie station.. A rare occasion I was home by myself w/ crappy winter weather. I sat on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa & just laughed my butt off. :p
  15. She looks ok.