Meeting with Florist

  1. I am so excited I get to meet with my florist to see our trial tomorrow :yahoo:

    shes the best florist around and so easy to work with.. when i told her my crazy vision i had she was so excited to do make it happen... I will post up pics next week.......
  2. Sorry to be out of it--is this for your wedding? It sounds like you have good rapport with the florist--how nice. It will make everything so much easier!
  3. Sounds like fun! The florist was my favorite vendor to book. After talking about all the flowers, I could really picture the whole day and it was so fun!
  4. Can't wait for the pics. Is it for your wedding?
  5. How exciting!! I loved my flowers for my wedding, it was one of my favorite parts and to think I didn't think it would matter so much to me. I'd love to see what you pick ou!
  6. You'll be happy you went with live flowers for your wedding.
    Post pics when you can!
  7. Fun, have a great time