Meeting up with fellow tPFers in London...

  1. Last Tuesday in London I met up with Eliselady, Loren, Ardneish, Newray, alo6 and Ananas. I've met Eliselady a couple of times before but everyone else was new to me and it was great meeting you all.

    We ended up in Fortnums, kindly arranged by Newray (I'm sorry I was late and that you had to dash away) I asked the waiter to take a couple of pics but I could see from my tiny camera screen that he had a shaky hand (must have been the sight of our combined beauty, lol) so I set up the camera to take a automatic shot. I'm making excuses for the rubbish pics but I will post them anyway, apologies for the poor quality:

    Going clockwise from left, there is Eliselady, then me, allaboutnice, then Loren, then Ardneish, then Ananas followed by Alo6. If you peer closely you might be able to make out some Hermes - a red HAC, a Havanne and a black Birkin, a noisette Bolide, and an ostrich Kelly. Several H scarves too - Wall St, Passage a Tokyo, Kelly en Caleche and Cheveaux de France:




    We also spent a happy hour or two in Bond St Hermes too where I treated myself to a chain d'ancre necklace, I've ben craving one for a while. The photo shows it sitting on my new raisin Ulyses agenda also bought that day from the Hermes in Selfridges - I've been on the hunt for that colour in the Ulyses for months, a bit of a grail for me, lol. I thnk it might have jaegerhomme who posted a pic of one, the raisin is very dark and nuetral on the outside but when it's opened, the colour is so beautiful, I've been using it as a jewellery stand on my dressing table:


    fortnumsdec07_3.jpg fortnumsdec07_2.jpg fortnumsdec07_1.jpg raisin+necklace.jpg necklacedec07.jpg
  2. oh that necklace looks lovely on you. makes me really really want one
  3. I love your necklace!
  4. Oh, you all look like you are having a lovely time. Thanks for posting pix and congrats on your gorgeous necklace!
  5. What great fun!! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures plus the descriptions of the bags and scarves.
    Gorgeous necklace purchase - looks terrific on you!
  6. Oh what a fun time!! Thanks for sharing, and I love the necklace on you.
  7. I love your necklace and I love your smail too.

    Thanks for all the pics. You all looked like you were having a great time
  8. Great Pics and great Ladies! Glad to see my mate Loren is enjoying her visit - looking fab, darl!!!!!!!!

    Nice necklace and agenda, to AAN.....Jagerhomme is ALWAYS influencing me to buy things, too, with his impeccable taste and photos! How lovely you are in the close up shot!!!
  9. Great pics, that restaurant looks mighty fine! Your new necklace is beautiful as are you!
  10. Ooo you all look like you had a good time!

    Beautiful necklace, and it looks good on you!
  11. That necklace looks beautiful and I love raisin too!!!!
  12. Raisin :drool: Glad you guys had such a fabulous time! :tup:
  13. Oooh a love to see a meet-up and this one looks lovely.

    So glad you all had a good time.

    AAN - I love your necklace it looks fabulous on you :yes:
  14. What fun! You all look beautiful (even the ladies with the swirled faces!) and it sounds like you had a wonderful time together. Congrats on the necklace, AAN. it is gorgeous!
  15. What fun!!! You look fabulous!