meeting up Denver, Co

  1. Hello I was wondering if there are any meetings in Denver, Co
    If so when and where!
  2. I am new to this forum and would be interested in a Denver meeting. I am soo excited about the H store opening in Cherry Creek North in Fall '08.:yahoo:
  3. Just noticed this, I would be interested. Feel free to PM me! I too am excited about the new store, we need to all get on the invite list!
  4. Hey there I'm near Denver for the next few months lets meet up! PM me
  5. OK, So how about we meet for a weekend Brunch at Le Central 112 E 8th Ave Denver CO
    How many folks want to go? Let's say soon like maybe next weekend or the following one. Today is June 6th 2008.
    Hope to hear from you all soon :o)
  6. Brunch at Le Central 112 E 8th Ave Denver CO on Saturday June 14th at 11:00 am
    Who wants to come?? I will make some reservations What fun!
  7. :tup:
  8. I would LOVE to come but am away that weekend! I live up in Ft. Collins and have a 1PM appointment at Bang Salon near Cherry Creek the Satuday after. If anyone wants to meet up on the 21st I would love to do that. Let me know, I would love to meet up and talk Hermes with some people here in CO.
  9. I have to bow out for this SATURDAY I have to work.... I am so sorry! Looks like I'll be workng on Saturdays all month!
  10. docride, I need to cancel, too--my daughter (and probably me too) has strep throat :sad:
  11. Oh I am so sorry...I hope you will both be feeling better soon!

    We'll plan another meeting :o)
  12. is there an Hermes in Denver? I am going to be in denver from august 7-10 and would love to meet up with anyone for lunch or dinner and shopping if possible. I'm not sure where I'll be as we are going for the denver cup which is held at some large fantastic sports complex you have there. LMK it would be fun.
  13. ^ not yet, but one is coming! Has anyone heard when? Right now we just have a scarf counter at NM (but I am grateful for that--helps me avoid complete withdrawal!)
  14. Thanks docride. This really stinks since we are traveling Monday, but I think her fever is almost gone.
  15. Denver TPF and Lunch Cherry Creek Shopping Center... On a Sunday... Let's see who can come and which Sunday will work for everyone.... Please post :woohoo: