Meeting the customer from H*ll! At MY office!

  1. Ok, so today I went to work. Nothing new there (I always go unless I can help it) except instead of wearing boots like I usually do, I wore my new Louboutin Leopard Print mules (which FINALLY arrived) AND took Caramel Chevre Kelly with me. And there I was feeling pretty well put together and stylish for a change....doing my know....working. And all of a sudden a very tall, blond-ish woman customer comes up to me and says. "Hey! Nice bag! I have one just like it!" (let me back up for a sec....I was walking to my car with Princess and she grabbed me in the parking lot...:shocked: ) "C'mon let me show you. It's in the car. It's 20-years old and doesn't look a day over 2" (BIG denial problem going on but that's another story....). "Mine's Gold Epson....what's your's? Mustard?" :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:


    ....and this woman HAD a Kelly. A woman with a Kelly should know the difference between Mustard (!) and....caramel......:sad: only consolation is that her 20-year old Gold Epsom Kelly looked like it had been through a couple of world wars and came out on the losing end!!!!!!!
  2. :wtf: wah i hate how well intimidating some people can be ! i can not stand to be touched by someone i do not know! and that thing mustard :wtf:
    next time wear a sign around your neck! didn´t your momma told you do not touch what you can not afford" or "i am beautiful i know but beware touching not allowed beauty bites back" :wlae:
  3. What... Mustard... o.k. in my book ...she is almonds!(nuts):lol:
  4.'s a thought... you're WAY too classyto deal with that ...bimbo?
  5. Thing many times do I ever run into anyone with an Hermes bag in Berkeley! The land of people with no fashion sense whatsoever! NEVER! And here was one today! A woman with an Hermes bag and she was talking to me!!!! We could have had some great conversations! We could have know....I don't know....Hermes buddies!

    But NOT after that faux way. No one calls Princess ...mustard...... and becomes my friend..... nope....
  6. ....I mean even though I've thought myself that sometimes Princess looks a little like Guldens Mustard in some light....every now and then........ COULD be that I'm a little sensitive about it......:shrugs:
  7. Whatever it is, I can't believe she said that! What a b@#$% :censor: !

    She has no class. Period.
  8. not everyone with a hermes bag will be great,:crybaby: long as they are not ruining the bag, or piss*ing (sorry) (could not help it), never question your good taste:yes: .
    it is good taste!... mustard or not !:lol:
  9. Thanks Ava, Lilach and Gigi.... I mean it's ok if I say she's sometimes a little...mustard looking....but I draw the line at anyone ELSE saying it.....
  10. Oh Shopmom...
    Sorry to hear about the bimbo attack... cheer up!!!!
    :beach: And noooo you don't want someone like her to be your Hermes buddy!!

    (Now I just gotto make sure to keep my mouth shut instead of insulting someone by naming their bag the wrong color... LOL... I wish I could be color savvy as you ladies :sad: All the variation on the same tone makes me feel incompetent... )
  11. How uncouth! :yucky: It must be awful to hear your beloved Caramel be called "mustard".

    I do not know my colours and I wouldn't walk up to anyone saying a thing like that. I would at most ask politely what colour it is!
  12. MUSTARD!!!!!??????

    I would have slapped her for good measure!
  13. You should have said "Gold Epsom? - It looks like the new baby-poo brown to me"
  14. Shopmom...are you up? Oh my it's 4:10am and I can't seem to do anything else but to come here and chat w/everyone after sleeping only three hours. Mustard?? What's up w/that?
  15. So is this the official first H bag sighting in Berkley?